BBC Caught In Sexism Spat As Panda Chosen For Female Faces Of 2011!

BBC has enraged the public second time around by choosing Tian Tian (Sweetie) as one of its 12 female faces of the year! The decision has sparked a number of angry tweets from many which includes politicians and celebrities alike.

Former deputy Prime Minister John Prescott tweet “So the BBC couldn’t find a woman for Sports Personality of the Year, but they could find a panda for a female face of 2011”.

And according to Labour MP Stella Creasy , the BBC has got the title wrong! She tweet “No offence to Sweetie — sure a lovely panda and best in the class etc — but clue is in the title ‘women’ not ‘female of the species’ of the year.”

Allegedly, most of the women selected for the female faces of the year were chosen for their popularity in connection with high profile marriages. According to many this is the only reason why Pippa Middleton, South African Charlene Wittstock and Spanish billionaire the Duchess of Alba made it to the list.

BBC was quick to point out that this wasn’t the first time an animal appeared in its faces of the year segment.

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