Channel’s Karl Lagerfeld calls Adele a “little too fat”!

Adele may have won millions with her beautiful voice but for Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld, her voice alone won’t do!

In an interview with the Metro, Lagerfeld called Adele “a little too fat”! This would surely enrage Adele’s fans worldwide! Known as a great admirer of British singers, Lagerfeld has previously featured British singer Lily Allen as face of Channel in 2009.

However, Lagerfeld’s admiration for Adele falls quite short. When asked about Lana Del Ray, he reportedly has said “I prefer Adele and Florence Welch. But as a modern singer she is not bad. The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.”

The “Rolling in the deep” diva hasn’t shown any inhibition about her size before. On a previous occasion she has said that her size has never bothered her at all.

She was heard saying “It’s just never been an issue — at least; I’ve never hung out with the sort of horrible people who make it an issue. I have insecurities of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.”

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