David Cameron commends couples who hold off having children until they’re ready

The Prime Minister placed himself in danger of further heat over poverty by attacking families who have children before they have the means to support them.

David Cameron voiced the concerns of some of his constituents who compared their decision to hold off from having children until ready financially to those on benefits having “as many children as they want”.

“I get people coming to my constituency surgery saying just that to me: ‘We waited before we got married until we could afford it, we waited til we could afford to have children, we waited and then we managed to get a house and I see someone down the road do none of those responsible things and they get put up in a council house, they have as many children as they want.’ ”

The Prime Minister said he was resolute in his conviction to “change values” in Britain, ensuring the hard-working family units are reward. This came a day after the Archbishop of Canterbury challenged the Government’s policies on welfare, warning against the “resurgence of the seductive language of ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving’ poor”.

A spokesman for Labour said: “Today we have the Prime Minister lecturing people about whether they can afford to have children. The Government should concentrate on creating jobs and not cutting too far, too fast. It’s creating a vicious circle in our economy which is hitting families.”

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