Doctors To Vote on Strike Over Pension Pay

Doctors will vote on whether or not to strike over plans to reduce their pensions. If a strike does go ahead it will be the first time that doctors have taken industrial action since 1975. In 1975 consultants suspended all goodwill activities and worked to contract while walk in clinic doctors worked to a 40 hour week.

The British Medical Association (BMA), will send ballot papers to their 103,000 members. The result will be known by the end of the month.

By 2014, some doctors will see deductions of 14.5% from their pay for their pensions, compared to 7.35% for senior civil servants on similar salaries, to receive similar pensions, said the BMA.

The BMA say that doctors at the beginning on their careers will be most affected by the new change as they will have to pay hundreds of thousands of extra pounds in lifetime pensions contributions.

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