Joe Massie & ASDA Unveils Valentine’s Day Rose Gown!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, every one’s looking for a way to indulge their loved ones. With the booming business for everything Valentine related, ASDA  has  unveiled a unique strapless  gown made from 1,725 roses!

Joe Massie, the three-time winner of the RHS Chelsea Young Florist of the Year award, is  the proud creator of this stunning  mermaid style gown. It has taken him 170 hours to finish it and the gown weighs just under two stones. He revealed that Stephane Rolland’s 110 pound dress at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week was the inspiration behind this exquisite creation!

The “horti-couture” gown consists of petals from 1,000 Naomi red roses that cover the entire body, and flowing down to the floor. While Fifteen Carmen roses and 200 chrysanthemums, decorated with gold-leaf are around the hip and skirt of the dress. The hem is made from petals from 150 Purple Power roses, 75 gerberas and 300 carnations.

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