Kasabian Announce Live DVD of 02 Performance

Rock band, Kasabian have announced they have plans to release a Live at the 02 gig DVD next month. The DVD will contain a 19 track live DVD which was shot in high definitionand a 13 track live CD. The DVD will also be available on Blu Ray.

Kasabian have already lined up their next album. According to frontman, Tom Meighan. The singer said that the band’s lead songwriter Serge Pizzorno had been hard at work on new material, but that the band probably wouldn’t record anything until 2013.

The tracklisting for ‘Kasabian Live!: Live At The O2′ is as follows:


‘Days Are Forgotten”Shoot The Runner ”Velociraptor!”Underdog’ ’Where Did All The Love Go?”I.D.”I Hear Voices”Thick As Thieves”Take Aim”Clubfoot”Re-Wired”Empire”La Fée Verte”Fast Fuse’ / ‘Pulp Fiction”Goodbye Kiss”L.S.F.”Switchblade Smiles”Vlad The Impaler”Fire’

‘Days Are Forgotten”Shoot The Runner’ ’Velociraptor!’ ’Underdog”Take Aim”Clubfoot”Re-Wired”La Fée Verte”Goodbye Kiss”L.S.F.”Switchblade Smiles”Vlad The Impaler”Fire’

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