Ken Clarke humiliated live on National Radio

A sex attack victim slammed Ken Clarke on the air over plans concerning shorter prison terms for rapists.

The victim, named Gabrielle, was attacked during her training for the London Marathon and broke down during the phone-in as she recounted the incident. She claimed that the proposed reductions, cutting sentences in half for early guilt pleas, would be a “disaster” that would ‘justify’ other women being attacked.

Ken Clarke was forced to admit that he hadn’t consulted rape victims following Gabrielle’s emotional interjection. She described her 688-day ordeal after her attacker changed his plea from not guilty to guilty and saw his sentence cut by a third. She claimed that he went on to reoffend on release and added that “It is a known fact that the absolute vast majority – in excess of 90 per cent of sex offenders – reoffend,”

“So to let them out early is just saying that any other female who is minding their own business, going about their lawful business, can be a victim and that’s justified. And in my personal view that cannot be justified.”

“I wouldn’t wish what I went through, fighting the criminal justice system for 688 days, on my worst enemy.”

Allegedly Mr. Clarke shoved a cameraman as he left the radio studio where the phone-in took place.

The Government attempted to distance David Cameron from the plans. An insider claimed that “this rape policy is still all under discussion. It’s not a government policy as yet.”

The source added that Mr. Clarke has briefed them on the plans and explained the ‘logic’ of reduced sentences through early pleas but insisted that the Government certainly wouldn’t action anything that weakened deterrents for rape.

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