Labrinth and iLuminate Launch Lumia

Labrinth and iLuminate Launch Lumia

This video presents a heady combination of live performance featuring US dance act and America’s Got Talent finalists, iLuminate, and singer wunderkind Labrinth, who was showcasing a track from his debut album “Electronic Earth”. So what was the celebration? Nothing less than the 4 April London launch party for the Lumia Xperia S smartphone.





At the launch Labrinth performed hits including ‘Let The Sun Shine’ and ‘Earthquake’ and was joined on stage by Team iLuminate – a group of glow-suit dancers from LA who finished third on the sixth season of the tament-spotting show, America’s Got Talent.

The video starts with a shouted invitation for the audience to “go crazy” and telling us that this is the first time in the UK for the glow-gyrators iLuminate from Los Angeles.

To the compulsive beat and electronically treated voice of Labrinth, we see the iLuminate go through their paces, dancing, jumping, swaying and swirling their coloured bodies to the rythmn. The astonishing effects creted by the dance troupe are due to their special suits being covered in a mixture of Electroluminescent Wire and LED’s; the flashing of the lights on all the dancers were synchronised to give various effects. An important tie-in with the occasion is that their suits display the words “Xperia”. This is a total meld of music, visual machinations and message!

The video is long- over seven minutes. The first song is two and a half minutes and ther video could have ended there, but then what party ends so quickly? Labrinth cools things down singing live into his vocoder. This develops into another song, but this one is more mid-tempo and doesn’t have iLuminate accompanying the music.

However the crowd certainly seem to like the song:

This continues to the end of the video when the tag line is displayed: “Made of Imagination”

It’s a clever concept and the mixture of dancing, lights and music work well together at the start. But I think it might have worked a little better if you’d saved the best till last and had the higy energy full-on iLuminate dancing after the solo performance of Luminate. It’s a little bit of an anti-climax at the end, even though the music is good. But that’s a minor point and you can always rewind and play the first part of the video again!

What did Labrinth think of the event?

“It was fantastic to perform tracks from Electronic Earth at the Xperia event and seeing the crowd’s reaction was amazing,” Labrinth said.

“My ethos is musical freedom and tonight was all about how when you let your imagination run wild, there are no limits to what you can create.”

That ties in nicely with the message at the end. The next launch party is on 10 April in India.

Catch the video here:

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