London restaurants still offer great value

Despite restaurants prices increasing by 11.1 per cent, London restaurants still offer more for your pound.
Harden’s London Restaurants 2012 guide announced that the cost of an average dinner for two now “bursts the £90 barrier’.

The Harden’s average is hardly the average of the high street consumer but high prices for eating out will not come as a surprise to anyone who’s eaten out in London over the last year. It’s not just restaurants that have felt the effect of increased VAT, consumers would have noticed the increases in utilities bills and general food prices.

There is however a persistent argument of why the prices of dishes served at restaurants seems to be so dramatically higher than the cost of the ingredients. Furthermore, why do guides like Harden’s pander to it?
The reality is that with a little research, cheap eats in London are not hard to find. Guides can not factor in bookings sites that offer substantial discounts and 2-for1 offers that allow the average consumer to eat out more than occasionally.

In their section that looks at notable restaurant openings for the year Harden’s feature Brawn in Bethnal Green, where the average bill will come to a lot less than £45 a head and the Pollen Street Social in Mayfair where the cost is likely to be significantly higher than that. Compared to other parts of the UK and other countries, the sheer choice on offer and unassertive hours means that London still offers plenty of pleasure for your pound.

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