Lowering Cholesterol with Benecol

We’re all much more conscious about our health these days, and rightly so! But as well as healthy foods and regular exercise, there are easy and tasty ways to help you move towards being in rude health. This video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYlMU_j6Sf8 is an introduction to a simple way of reducing unwanted cholesterol in the blood.

It’s well established that too much of the wrong type of cholesterol is bad for you: Here are some basic facts- and you won’t need a degree in human biology to understand them!

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found naturally in the blood. Some is produced in our livers, which is natural, but we also absorb cholesterol from foods such as red meat, high fat cheese, butter, and eggs. Cholesterol is essential for good health and only becomes a problem when the level in your blood is too high. A high cholesterol level causes fatty deposits in the arteries an increase the risk of heart disease. Heart disease can lead to heart attacks, strokes, general ill-health, and premature death. However by following a healthy diet and lifestyle blood cholesterol can be reduced to safe levels.

Contact your GP or local medical practice to ask for a test to see what your blood cholesterol level is. If you’ve discovered that your cholesterol is higher than it should be, your doctor will advise you on how best to tackle it. If you’re looking to lower cholesterol through a healthy diet then Benecol is the place to begin.

Benecol’s new advert shows how working together can help you lower cholesterol more than healthy eating alone. A granddad and his daughter go on a shopping expedition. We see them buying fresh fruit and fish, to a tune with a very apt title and chorus- “put a little love in your heart!” They finish their trip by adding some Benecol to their basket.

How does Benecol, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, help reduce cholesterol?

Benecol is the only range of foods that contain Plant Stanol Ester which has a cholesterol-lowering ingredient found in corn, rye and other plants. It works by partially blocking the uptake of cholesterol in the gut, so less gets absorbed into the blood stream. This has been proven in over 60 clinical trials.

The good news is that by combining a healthy diet with regular intake of one or more of the Benecol foods, a reduction in cholesterol by 7-10% in 2-3 weeks can be achieved. That reduction can then be sustained by maintaining the combination of healthy foods and Benecol.

And we aren’t talking about a lot of Benecol: A daily bottle of Benecol yoghurt, plus use of Benecol spreads and soft cheese, will start you on the right path.

See the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYlMU_j6Sf8

You can learn a lot more about lowering your cholesterol here http://benecol.co.uk/

So let’s start making a difference to our health today, and put a little more life and love in our hearts!

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