More London Olympic Tickets go on Sale

A million applicants who failed to buy tickets in the first round of olympic tickets are able to apply for up to four tickets for one sesion between now and the 17th of May. Around 900,000 tickets were made available on Friday to an initial 20,000 applicants.


These tickets for the Olympics 2012 have only been made available to people who missed out on tickets previously having already thought that they had secured tickets for the games. The London 2012 game organisers have said that atheltics, football and vollyball tickets will be made available to these applicants.

Lord Sebastian Coe told the Andrew Marr show: “Seventy five per cent of the 11 million tickets that available are in the hands of the British public. That’s a commitment we made right at the beginning of this process, and at the end of this process we will deliver it.

“There will be disappointment. I accept that. I am a sports fan. There was disappointment, that’s why in the opening round of ticket sales we committed to getting as many people who were in those initial ballots across the line.

“There has never been a sports ticket in history that has had such extraordinary demand.”

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