Paris Hilton facing court for not returning stolen jewels

Reality TV star Paris Hilton is being sued for failing to return borrowed jewellery
worth $60,000. The expensive items were lent to the socialite by top jewellers
Damiani, but were stolen from her Los Angeles mansion in December 2009 during a
raid that claimed a total of $2.8 million.

The LA police managed to recover all items of jewellery taken during the robbery,
but a lawsuit filed by German insurers Allianz states that Paris has yet to return the
borrowed items.

The suit states: ‘Despite having recovered Damiani’s jewellery, [Hilton has] failed to
return all of the jewellery to Damiani as required by the Agreements.’

Damiani gave Paris $60,000 of jewellery to wear for public appearances in 2007, on
the basis that she agreed to safeguard the expensive items in a vault or safe.

Allianz’s suit, however, claims that Paris failed to secure the jewellery and at the
time of the raid her front door was left unlocked and the alarm was switched off.
The suit states:

‘On Friday, December 18, 2009, in the early morning hours, Ms. Hilton left her
mansion and attended a party at Bar Delux in Hollywood, California. At some point
that night, the Damiani jewellery was placed in Ms. Hilton’s closet and not in the safe
as required by the Agreements.

‘On December 18, 2009, Ms. Hilton left the front door to her mansion unlocked. Like
the front door, Ms. Hilton also left the safe unlocked that was supposed to be used
to secure the loaned Damiani jewellery.’

The New York Daily News reports that the suit also claims that a hooded man
walked directly through the front door of Paris’ mansion and found $2.8 million of
jewellery ‘sitting in plain sight’ in her closet.

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