South London residents vent anger at Johnson

Boris Johnson, The Mayor of London, has been hit by criticism from South London
residents as he visited the devastation in Clapham Junction following last night’s riots,
alongside Home Secretary Theresa May.

Mr Johnson, who returned early from his summer holiday as riots continued to break out
across the capital, said: ‘I want to say to everybody who runs a shop or owns a business
here how very sorry I am for the loss and the damage you have suffered.

‘I also want to say to the people who have been involved in instigating these riots
and those who have been robbing and stealing that they will be caught, they will be
apprehended and they will face punishments they will bitterly regret. They will.

‘I know there are questions about the police response and police numbers. We are
certainly going to be dealing with those.’

Mr Johnson faced then faced comments from many several angry members of the public,
such as: ‘I was in a salon when a brick came through the window and no one was here to
defend me.’

Fighting to make himself heard, Mr Johnson tried to reassure the residents: ‘Tonight we
are going to have a huge number of police on the streets. It is time that people who are
engaged in looting and violence stopped hearing economic and social justification for what

Nick Clegg was also faced a hostile reception from crowds in Birmingham during a visit
to the city centre. Cries of ‘go home’ were heard as the Deputy Prime Minister toured the
city’s main shopping area.

After being escorted off the scene by police and security staff, Mr Clegg described those
booing as ‘troublemakers’. He added: ‘I spent 15 minutes walking around, I spoke to lots of
shoppers, lots of local residents.

‘I’m never going to apologise for getting out there and speaking to people and talking to the
victims of this needless violence, destruction and thieving, the shopkeepers, the people
who actually just want to go about their everyday business. And I spoke to many of them
before some troublemakers turned up and then, of course, I followed the advice of the

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