The Mazda2 vs The Wall of Death

Here is the the new video for the new Mazda2.

It begins with some indistinct and echo-soaked announcements along with shots of tattoos and a motorbike throttle.

Is this the trail for some kind of fairground or circus attraction? The camera moves from a bike to the badge of a car:

All is then revealed when the video shows two bikes and a car ready to kick off in a wall of death arena – the Demon Drome.

First, the bike. One of the two Wall-of-Death riders goes through his paces on two wheels, before the other switches from two wheels to four; to the Mazda 2 Sport. Can it be done?

We then get to the climax of the video as the car follows the bike onto the walls of the Demon Drome. Sure enough, the Mazda gets up on the sides and powers round the wall of death, using its speed control and centrifugal force to keep up momentum and not slip down into the middle.

The video ends with the applause of the watching crowd and the tag line:

The music that accompanies the video is unobtrusive and lets the images and action speak for themselves. It is a short neat video, and the only thing one may say is missing, is to see the bike and the Mazda2 on the wall at the same time. But I guess that is too dangerous- the size of the two machines are totally different, and safety must be the prime consideration!

So what is the message that comes across? Well the “defy convention” line is nice, both describing what we have seen; four wheels are rarely if ever seen on a wall of death- the traditional home for motorbikes, and also describing the experience one might have on less horizontal road surfaces if you drive the car.

Excitement, style, and fun come across from the video, and these are echoed if one follows the link at the end of the video to the main Mazda2 site. There we are told that in addition to being fun to drive, the Mazda2 is “cheeky”. The car won the Car of the Year award in 2008, and this latest model has new features, and is clearly a sleek and punchy supermini.

Be a spectator at the Demon Drome wall of death and see the video here:

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