The Met To Reduce Costs: 2,000 Layoffs, Buildings Sold…

Reports say that in a bid to slash operational costs the Met Police will axe around 2,000 civilian workers within the next five years.

This is part of an ongoing programme to save £600 million by 2015. Apart from the job cut, the Met is selling off 19 buildings, while 18 more are being proposed to sell.

The recent Met reports indicate that so far there are 1,200 layoffs and many of them include Police Community Support Officers, catering staff, traffic wardens and counter staff. Apparently, the Met has pooled in nearly £53 million for the Voluntary redundancy of 2,000 civilian workforce. On the whole, it has offered voluntary redundancy to nearly 4,000 staff in the past 10 months.

Commenting on the current layoff process, the Green Party member for the Met Police said, “Police officers are highly trained with specialist skills and should be used in roles that require these skills. Putting officers on front counters, when this can be done successfully by specialist staff for less, delivers poor value for money for Londoners.”

Yet, there are fears that Police Officers will have to do more behind the scenes to cover for the staff that left!


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