The Panasonic Smart VIERA TV

The Panasonic Smart VIERA TV

This short video highlights a revolutionary new television, the Panasonic Smart VIERA. In fact, it seems wholly inadequate to describe it as a television. It’s a window to different experiences and interactions. No wonder it is the official television of the 2012 Olympic Games!

Why is it groundbreaking? Get a load of this: Stream multimedia from around the home to the TV, download apps for comfortably browsing the Web from your sofa, chat with your friends, browse your favourite websites and lots more – all on a top quality cutting edge widescreen TV. The New Panasonic Smart VIERA TV turns ordinary TV viewing into a new, smart world of multimedia enjoyment. With the Free VIERA Remote App, you can stream content to your TV from your smartphone or tablet.

It refocuses the centre of attention and entertainment for you and your family and friends back on your living room (or bedroom) TV. No more going to another room to look up something on you PC, lap-top, mobile, or to contact someone on Skype. Skype allows you to watch a live broadcast of your favourite event while chatting with your friend and sharing the excitement and joy. Just imagine that when watching the Olympic 100 metres final! Everything you want is there on a wide screen for all to see.

The video comes in at just over thirty seconds- precious little time you might think to convey the innovations evident in the smart VIERA. We see a young lad getting a Birthday present of a motor scooter, sent from an iPad to the VIERA,

Then a family switch from watching a wildlife documentary to looking at a shot of pregnant Mum’s ultrasound shot of her baby. We then see the sharing of an athletics race with friends before the final shots of the television receiving a signal from a pad.

The video is just a taster of a morsel from the feast that can be laid before us when you have the VIERA and the app connections. The video invites us to click to a site where there’s much more detail, and so avoids cluttering up the video with too information and threatening overload.

Share your whoops of joy and cartwheels across the Living room carpet as your favourite athlete grabs the Gold medal: With the VIERA Remote App you can share your pictures, videos, music and favourite websites with friends by a simple swipe of your hand from your smartphone or tablet. Share watching live broadcasts with friends anywhere in the world through Facebook and Twitter directly from your TV.

At the top of the screen all through the video is a link to a Panasonic Facebook page where there’s a competition in which you have the opportunity to enter a competition and win a Smart VIERA TV every day. Nice!

What is clear from the video and the links from it, is that the face of telly watching is now morphing into a completely new experience. My only concern is whether this will stop thousands of people ever wanting to go out of their houses for entertainment and engage with friends when they can do both from the comfort of their armchairs!

See the video here:

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